We can thank Demeter, the goddess of fruitfulness and fertility, for this time of year. Spring, a time where green shoots pop up from the ground and lambs gamble through lush glades. I do not condone gambling, even when its amongst the bovine community; but regardless, it can perhaps be seen as a time to be reborn. An opportunity to raise our heads t’ward the sun and bask in its warm glow.

I have been shifting topsoil up in Stillgarden’s Community Garden like it’s going out of fashion. Kindly sourced by Pat, the soil now covers the slope that leads to the lazy Camac river at the foot of the garden, an area longing to be cleaned up and brought into use. Members of my family helped prepare wild seed bombs with air dry clay, and they have been liberally spread along the area to aid the bees that will soon be busy again as they buzz back and forth to our hives.

Social Botanist Project

Our Social Botanist Project is in full swing, and the first of the hydroponic kits have arrived and been planted. Soon the area will be awash with colour and all the plants will ready to be harvested and find their way into our wonderful beverages. This will coincide with a socially distanced tipple at Stillgarden Distillery for all those plucky planters that have helped in the process. I cannot wait!


The wonderful folk up at the BERA Hall donated 10 bags of mulch toward the garden last week, and we made it a family day out! The family that spreads mulch together stays together, I really do spoil them in fairness! I came across some dead tree branches and painted them with white paint in an attempt to be a bit arty. I like them, and a fantastic member of the community has decorated them with Easter eggs, a lovely gesture indeed!



Anyway, as the great Black Sabbath song goes..

“My life was empty, forever on a down
Until you took me, showed me around
My life is free now, my life is clear
I love you sweet leaf, though you can’t hear
Oh, yeah baby!”

Until next time….keep rockin