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Team Work makes the dream work

You celebrate the highs together and are there for support during the tough times. Always with the eyes on the prize. Hi I’m Will, the Sales Manager at Stillgarden Distillery. I’ve worked in the drinks industry for over 17 years and have been lucky enough to have worked in some amazing teams, with Stillgarden being […]

Don’t be afraid to be a Bosslady

Hi I’m Viki Baird and I am the Bosslady of Stillgarden Distillery. Let me tell you how I got here! My career has certainly been varied to say the least. Being a Bosslady is not easy. After college I went straight into retail management, this taught me how to motivate the people and to encourage […]

Keep Calm and Recycle

We absolutely love to recycle, up-cycle and repurpose here at Stillgarden Distillery. Whiskey barrels have been repurposed to planters, old building doors into desks that we use, and yes the planter you see sitting in front of our distillery was created from leftover scrap wood. The passionate creator behind these projects is none other that […]

The Gin and the Botanicals

The Distillers Edition is the very first release from Stillgarden Distillery, and I am quite proud of that. This delightfully dry gin is distinct and unique, full of juniper yet progressive from the traditional. The gin has been in development in some way or another since late 2019. I have made somewhere between 35 and […]


My name is Jordan Duncan and I am the Brand Ambassador for Stillgarden Distillery.  I’ve always had a keen interest in the world of science and beyond. I even aspired to study  ‘fundamentals of plasma and vacuum studies’ , a mouthful I know, however I just didn’t make the cut. Instead I studied local Irish […]

A community project at a dublin distillery

A social project creating a vibrant community botanical garden on the footsteps of Stillgarden Distillery, Dublin 8. Hi all Gin lovers and Botanical Enthusiasts alike! This week has seen a real change in the weather, and for some this may prove to be a real drag. For the Stillgarden team it means the watering cans […]

Distillation and Inspiration

Eanna our head distiller is a gin-ious, one of the youngest and most Innovative in all the land. Fervently dedicated to the science of distillation. I’m very often asked why I started distilling, and how I learned to do it. This morning, while gin trickles gently behind me, seems a good time to put it […]


A social project creating a vibrant community botanical garden right in Dublin city. Hi all of you lovely people, gardeners and gin lovers alike. Neal here with your bi-weekly update of the community garden. I trust you are all doing well and enjoying this spell of (mostly) dry weather- it’s as if the sun doesn’t […]


A social project creating a vibrant community botanical garden right in Dublin city. Hi everyone, I’m Neal from Stillgarden Distillery in Inchicore. I am also a member of this community so introducing this project to you is really inspiring. Firstly, I hope that you are all doing well in these challenging times. On a brighter […]