We launched our inaugural Cultiv8 Campaign in January 2021. 

Our purpose was to ignore lofty resolutions, and collectively start doing what’s doable for the greater good of ourselves, our communities and ultimately, our planet.

We forgot about breaking old habits and turned January into a month for adopting new, positive ones that brought us that bit closer. We are committed to celebrating those in our community whose ripples are making positive waves all year long!


Cultiv8 prompts us to look at ways we can all be more sustainable in our everyday lives. Throughout the month of January, we invited those within a 5km radius to incorporate the distillery into their exercise route offering free seasonal flower, herb and vegetable seeds and bulbs to anyone who wanted them. 

These could be planted in any bit of earth albeit in the local community or indeed, in the Stillgarden Gardens.


This project inspired our very own Social Botanist Scheme, local community and advocates who are growing their very own botanicals at home.

A social botanist is much more than occasionally gardening! You are joining a movement of people who are collectively bringing life to the world.
Anyone can be a social botanist, whether you are growing herb pots on the window sill or knee deep in topsoil trenches.

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