Our Goal

 Reducing our packaging imprint is a key part of our sustainability journey, which is why we are making it easy and worthwhile to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Take part in the D8 Rebate and join us in doing what’s possible for the greater good of ourselves, our communities and our planet all year long!

As part of the D8 Rebate campaign, local residents can now return a Stillgarden glass bottle with a stopper to our Distillery Shop to get €2 off your purchase.  For those living further afield, you can return 10 empty pouches by prepaid post or drop them off at the distillery to receive 1 free 500ml pouch.


What you might consider to be waste – fruit peels, cores, brine, pulp or grounds we consider ingredients to make sustainable cocktails. We care about our community and have implemented circular systems from the very beginning in a conscious effort to repurpose and keep waste to a minimum wherever we can:

  • Use locally grown and onsite produce and botanicals from our own community garden
  • Partner with neighbouring businesses such as Boom Coffee to use their coffee grounds to make our Spent-spresso Cocktail
  • Gift fruit used in the distillation process to local community members like The Flourless Baker
  • Spent botanicals are used to make tea bags or given to local farmers to feed their chickens
  • The Distillery is powered by 100% renewable energy with motion activated power saving lighting systems in place
  • Rainwater is harvested to use for cooling water in the Distilling Academy
  • Office and Distillery equipment is second hand and packaging is repurposed where possible

Distillers Edition Gin Pouch


Our latest innovation is a new 500ml glass-free drink pouch that aims to reduce our packaging footprint:

  • The flexible pouches mean fewer glass breakages and reduce the overall shipping weight by 67.5% compared to glass bottles, resulting in less transport emissions
  • A 500ml pouch weighs 42% less than the plastic stopper on the glass bottle, which means a lower volume of plastic waste than before
  • It’s also allowed us to cut the packaging required to protect the product down to 0% when compared to glass bottles

Upon request, we will include a prepaid label to post pouches back for safe and efficient recycling locally at Thorntons material recycling facility. The recycled materials can then be used to produce SRF solid recovered fuel, a replacement for fossil fuels in the production of cement.

Email or request prepaid postage below.



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