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Are you contemplating DAMP JANUARY? Stillgarden Distillery has 5 tips for helping you successfully achieve your goals this month! Keep reading for the Stillgarden Distillery DAMP JANUARY tips!

Stillgarden Distillery was formed to help people socially and responsibly enjoy alcohol.

Not only do we source the best local ingredients, we also try to your ensure your relationship with alcohol is a positive one.

Here are our top 5 tips to enjoy a DAMP JANUARY this year!

1- Make a plan!

It may seem pretty obvious but it’s the first step to any project! Make a plan, write it down and stick to it! Look at the dates in the calendar and plan what you will be doing each weekend or evening. This will help you when deciding what events you will be going to that may include alcohol. You can clearly see what ones to opt out of or make a plan of what and how much you’ll drink!


2- Be the designated driver!

A sure way to ensure you will have a damp or dry night. If you’re heading out, volunteer to be the driver, that way you’ll be forced to only have one drink or none at all! Please the Drink Aware website for drinking limits.


3- Reduce the number of times you drink

It’s easy to get carried away during the Christmas period so don’t be hard on yourself when reflecting your alcohol consumption last month! If on a general basis, you find yourself drinking every day and at every given opportunity, this month is perfect to form new habits.  Perhaps you are out catching up with friends, instead of heading to a pub/bar, why not head to a late night café or restaurant? If you’re not in an area focused on alcohol, you will be less tempted to drink. You might start drinking early on the weekend, fill the day up with some other activity such as exercising or reading, this will allow you to start drinking later in the day. Relive your youth and take part in activities that don’t involve alcohol at all such as bowling, bingo club or even going to the cinema!


4- Reduce the amount of alcohol

We don’t necessarily mean to reduce of the numbers of drinks you consume, but rather the alcohol content in them. As such, certain cocktails contain 3-4 different alcohols in them, you can simply opt for cocktails that have 1-2 alcohols in them. We have a wide range of recipes available


5- Low ABV

Our favourite tip! You can still enjoy the same number of drinks and the same amount of times per week if you wish! Opting for low ABV makes that possible for DAMP JANUARY.

We have four delicious low ABV products in our range and one for every drink type!

O’Maro is a delicious low ABV alternative to an Italian bitter.

Our Cafe O’Maro is the perfect low ABV coffee product that’ll see you through the January nights.

Give and Take is perfect for a gin flavoured drink with half the alcohol.

And our best seller Berrissimo is a humble 15% ABV, meaning January doesn’t need to be that dry at all.

What’s even better is, we have 20% off all our Low ABV range until January 31st!

If you are concerned about your level of alcohol consumption or about someone you know please visit the following websites and helplines below-

Always call 999 (or 112) if your/their life is at risk.


Drink Aware


Alcoholics Anonymous  

Alcohol Forum