Distillers Edition Dry Gin


Our very first release, Stillgarden Distillers edition gin is the personal recipe of Master Distiller, Eanna Burke.  This delightfully dry gin is distinct and unique, full of juniper yet progressive from the traditional


Macedonian Juniper along with smokey cubebs, fruity rosehip and rowan berries and citrus are added to the maceration to create a truly memorable gin.

Distillers Gin and Tonic

Distillers Edition Gin & Tonic

The classic gin and tonic! simple are the pleasures in life.  That is why our distillers gin and tonic is as simple as it looks to throw together and you don’t have to go searching high and low for those hard to get garnishes.

To create your own Distillers gin and tonic all you will need:

1 part Stillgarden Distillers Edition Gin.
4 parts your favourite tonic water
Tall glass full of ice.
Lime cut which ever way you want
Fresh mint sprig (gently slap mint over back of your hand to release aromas)