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Fractals are never ending, infinitely complex patterns that are driven by repetition. Fractals are often found in nature and science, and therefore, on our products too! 

Fractals & Our Brand 

Social GinFractals can be thought of as nature’s design principles. Not so coincidentally, they are also a core element of our brand. Our fractals are created using the key ingredients and components within our distillery and one-of-a-kind liquids. We carefully generate a fractal against each specific product, strategically highlighting the fresh flavours, local botanicals, and delightful aromas that embody each of Stillgraden’s spirits. 

Social Gin is our pioneering Gin complete with fresh botanical combinations that bring science, community and nature together to create something amazing. Social Gin has been perfected at our independent experimental distillery with the help of our army of Social Botanists. The fractal developed for Social Gin, perfectly captures the essence of the local, socially sourced botanicals just as well as the spirit itself does. We believe in the infinite possibilities of harnessing all forms of Science, Community and Nature to develop unique flavours inspired by our surroundings. As you can see in the Fractal, Social Gin is made using Mint, Lavender, Rosehips and Rowan berries which are all sourced from our community garden.

Underpressure Fractal Now take a look at our Under Pressure Fractal. It symbolises how we use the science of  vacuum distillation to target particular components of ingredients. With pressure we force the purest, lightest elements from the grain based spirit to create a Vodka that is distinctly ours. You can see the elements such as maize, malted barley, water, and grains come together as one to represent Under Pressure in our fractal. 


Nature & Science

Fractals surround us in our daily lives. Examples are everywhere in nature. Trees, ferns, and leaves are all natural fractals that have patterns that repeat copies of themselves to create biodiversity.

The Fibonacci Spiral is considered fractal, because it is logarithmic and the curve appears the same at every scale. This spiral, or “fractal”, is known for its mathematical perfection, aesthetic appeal, and biological importance. The Fibonacci Sequence in nature is most familiar in the sunflower and pine cone. 

Fractals are extremely efficient and allow plants to maximize their exposure to sunlight to better transport oxygen to all parts of the body. Fractals are intricately detailed and beautiful wherever you may find them; in a fern, snowflake, pineapple, or a botanical you see in our community garden. Each one is remarkably astonishing. Even certain parts of the human anatomy are fractal, including our brains. 

If you are looking for fractals, you will be shocked by the vast amount of places you can find them – from clouds, to plants, to laboratories and even Stillgarden Distillery. Now that you know more about fractals and where they can be found, keep your head up and enjoy all the beauty and complexity of nature’s design principles. You never know where you’ll find one next.