Fractals are never-ending, infinitely complex patterns, driven by repetition. They can be thought of as nature’s design principles, laid bare in the spirals of a seashell or the veins of a leaf. Biologists, psychologists, physicists and mathematicians have all used them to unlock the mysteries of our world. As an intersection of nature and scientific discovery, fractals are the perfect representation of Stillgarden Distillery.


Stillgarden Social Gin FractalEvery Stillgarden fractal is generated from the key ingredients and distillery apparatus used to create each one-of-a-kind liquid, strategically highlighting its fresh flavours and local botanicals.

Take our pioneering Social Gin, for example. Perfected at our independent experimental distillery with the help of our Social Botanists, the Social Gin fractal captures the essence of the local botanicals. If you look closely, you can pick out the Mint, Lavender, Rosehips and Rowan berries sourced from our community garden.

Stillgarden Under Pressure VodkaNow take a look at our Under Pressure Fractal, where maize, malted barley, water and grains come together as one. It symbolises the science of vacuum distillation used to isolate particular ingredient components. Extreme pressure forces the purest, lightest elements from the grain based spirit to create a Vodka that is distinctly ours.



The effect of fractals on human psychology has been extensively studied using fMRI imaging and other brain measurements. Research appears to show that we are hardwired to respond to certain forms of fractals in nature, and that simply looking at these fractals can reduce stress levels by up to 60%.

Stillgarden Distillery Fractal

It seems that artwork with these patterns can also produce this effect. Which means that any relaxing sensation you feel after a glass of Stillgarden may be caused by what’s on the outside of the bottle, not what’s inside!

We don’t just respond to fractals we see, but those we hear as well. Scientists have found that people prefer human-made music, with all its imperfections, to flawless computer-generated beats. When analysing this, they noticed an interesting phenomenon; every human performance has tiny errors that follow a pleasing fractal pattern.


The natural world is built on fractals; even certain parts of the human anatomy such as the brain. Fractals are extremely efficient, allowing a plant to maximize its exposure to sunlight and the transport of oxygen to its different parts.

Stillgarden Distillery Fractal

The most familiar is the Fibonacci Spiral. It is logarithmic, with a curve that appears the same at every scale. Known for its beauty and mathematical perfection, it is most easily spotted in the sunflower and the shells of snails.

Once you start looking for fractals, you’ll be amazed by the vast amount of places where they turn up – from clouds, to buildings, to the laboratories and flowerbeds at Stillgarden Distillery.


Now that you know more about fractals and where they can be found, keep an eye out and enjoy all the beauty and complexity of nature’s design principles. You never know where you’ll find one next!