The Journey of Stillgarden’s Social Media Intern

Hi everyone, 

If you’ve ever seen someone outside Stillgarden running around like a weird person trying to capture an “aesthetic” image of a Stillgarden spirit for social media, you’ve probably just spotted me or our brand manager, Aideen. My name is Sandhya Ganesan and I am the person behind Stillgarden’s social media along with the help of Aideen Hannigan. 

sandhya social media intern

A year ago, I moved to Ireland to pursue my Masters from a city in the south of India called Chennai. I know people always have different questions about India as it is very culturally diverse. It is very heartwarming to see Irish people being interested in my culture. India has 28 states and 22 official languages. I come from a state called Tamil Nadu where we speak a language called Tamil. It is said to be the oldest language in the world and is widely spoken in countries like Srilanka, Malaysia and India. And as you must have heard, we really value our spices. I came to Ireland with more spices than clothes!

Idli and Dosa     

My hometown Chennai is known for its tropical weather and its rich fusion of culture. The people in Chennai are simple, traditional but are very warm and welcoming. The city has around 7 beaches and is known for its temples. The most prominent one is the Kapaleeshwar temple which was built over 300 years ago. Chennai is also buzzing with varieties of south indian street food like idli (rice cake) and dosa (a crispy, savoury version of a crepe). If you’re ever in Chennai, your trip is incomplete without trying these 2 delicacies.

When I moved to Dublin, I was a continent away from my home country and I did not know a single person in the city. However, not once did I feel completely alone as the people are always friendly and full of life. Coming from a city that only has 3 seasons; hot, hotter and hottest, Dublin was a complete 180 for me. I’m the person who wears a jacket even when the temperature hits 22 degrees. But this city always finds a way to enjoy every moment despite the weather. 

My time in Stillgarden has been so rewarding. I learnt so much about spirits, botanicals and the process behind growing a distillery. Big shoutout to the team and especially Viki and Aideen for making me feel so welcome. While it saddens me to leave the team, I truly believe Stillgarden will change the world of spirits for the better. I wish them much success and I will be back to try their Academy Sessions soon 😉