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Stillgarden’s newest editions place 13th in

‘The Spirits Business’ 

‘Top 50 the Most Innovative Spirits Launches of 2023’

Stillgarden Distillery, the company with products such as Boss Lady Gin, Dublin Dry, and the multi award-winning trio of Irish Amari’s, launched their latest 2 products ‘Glas 55’ and ‘Buí 43’ to market in October last year. These Irish Herbal liqueurs have quickly captivated the market and are emerging as a viable alternative to Chartreuse. With a plethora of leading Irish & International bars now using their products, Stillgarden are rising stars within the spirits community.

Their premium liqueurs are created using socially sourced botanicals and extracted essences foraged from their community and harvested from the garden.

The scarcity of Chartreuse prompted a surge in demand propelling Stillgarden Distillery’s innovative Chartreuse-style herbal liqueurs into the spotlight. “We are thrilled by this level of international recognition from ‘The Spirits Business’ international magazine, we have a great team and it’s a strong endorsement for all of us”, stated Viki Baird, ‘Boss Lady’ & co-founder at Stillgarden Distillery.