We absolutely love to recycle, up-cycle and repurpose here at Stillgarden Distillery.

Pat in the Garden

Whiskey barrels have been repurposed to planters, old building doors into desks that we use, and yes the planter you see sitting in front of our distillery was created from leftover scrap wood. The passionate creator behind these projects is none other that one of our founders Pat O’Brien. Pat had tried using it as a mobile land kayak, we felt it was suited better to as a home to some lively greenery.

Pat loves to recycle  Pat Recycle wood Recycling

Today Pat has kindly shared his tips and tricks on how to build your very own front garden planter otherwise known as as land kayak. There is even a video to go with it! But before you can go ahead with creating this wonderful front garden showstopper, there are some bits you will need to get organised.

What you will need:

8 lengths 4×2 treated @ 16 foot.
2 lengths 6×2 treated @ 16 foot.
2 lengths 4×1 treated @ 16 foot.
1 sheet marine ply 12mm.
4 heavy duty castors.


Cut 6×2 to any length that takes your fancy.
Cut the 4×2 into shorter bits.
Cut sheet of ply into a corresponding width.


Label your longer planks of wood A and C and your shorter pieces B and D.
Screw part A to shorter part B using the screws provided
Repeat for part C and D
Now screw AB to CD

Well Done, You now have the structural frame.


Screw the cut sheet of ply to ABCD
Line three sides of your structure with the 4 x 2 pieces
Turnover and fix castors to underside

Jump in and paddle off.

To learn more about our community projects drop up a line at info@stillgardendistillery.com