One of the nice things about autumn is that I no longer have to spend every spare moment weeding and watering (albeit admittedly I’m not quite free of these duties just yet). Instead, I can shift my efforts onto harvesting the fruits of our labour in the community garden, indulging in autumn’s bounty of produce. […]


Throughout history, vice has been the mother of humanity’s greatest inventions. May we present the Puss & Mew – the world’s first ever alcohol vending machine! In this particular case, the vice was gin, the tipple of choice of the early 18th century. England’s Gin Act of 1736 had made it much harder to sell alcohol, […]

Bar Kit

With the rise in at-home drinking and companies looking to make a profit off the back of it, there is a good chance that it is fairly overwhelming going online to shop for equipment for your home bar. After all, all you wanted to make was a martini/whiskey sour and now you’re sat there with […]

Social Botanists

There has been lots of new life in the garden this past month. Ladybird larvae have become their adult form; damselflies dart across the air like neon lights; bees have been buzzing, foraging, and snoozing; wild poppies have bloomed, their petals floating away with the slightest rise of wind. With outdoor service and Garden Sessions […]

Social Gin

First there was Genever, the juniper-based national spirit of the Netherlands from which Gin gets its name. Genever still exists today in young and old forms and is delicious unto itself. Gin first exploded in popularity during the Gin Craze in the first half of the 18th century, not because it was delicious, but rather […]

Social Botanists

Hi there, Connor here. I’m delighted to share that I’ve been promoted from Social Botanist and Friendly Neighbourhood Forager to the new Gardener in Residence here at Stillgarden. It’s been great to have more time to get involved with the Community Garden, get my hands covered in soil and meet some new social botanists so […]

Of all of the botanicals used in Gin distillation few come with the infamy and in fact necessity of Coriander Seed. It has a contentious history from a mention in the Old Testament (great read if you haven’t got around to it) right the way through to being splayed across Billboards over the world as […]

Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes are Bullshit. Your palate knows you better than anyone could. Find out why…

We can thank Demeter, the goddess of fruitfulness and fertility, for this time of year. Spring, a time where green shoots pop up from the ground and lambs gamble through lush glades. I do not condone gambling, even when its amongst the bovine community; but regardless, it can perhaps be seen as a time to […]

Boss Lady

Happy International Women’s Day to all of the women warriors out there! Whether it be a friend, a sister, a mother, a colleague or a mentor, show them how much you value their support and admire their hustle. Today, we’re highlighting five strong and talented Boss Ladies who inspire us. Get to know the lovely […]