Stillgarden Social Botanists

Life is hard (and meaningless), but gardening doesn’t have to be. Anyone can be a Social Botanist and here at Stillgarden Distillery our gardening extraordinaires and community of harvesters and foragers will help you bring life into the world! Join Alan on a nihilistic guide to creating beautiful things easily. STEP 1 Tilling is boring, […]

Fractals are never-ending, infinitely complex patterns, driven by repetition. They can be thought of as nature’s design principles, laid bare in the spirals of a seashell or the veins of a leaf. Biologists, psychologists, physicists and mathematicians have all used them to unlock the mysteries of our world. As an intersection of nature and scientific […]

Stillgarden Social Botanist Project

Hi, I’m Connor, one of Stillgarden’s Social Botanists and I am also a keen forager. I know it may not seem like it when you look outside, but spring really is just around the corner. When I first moved to Inchicore back in summer 2019, I was thrilled to discover the abundance of wild food […]

Neal in community garden

And so, as we gaze into the year 2021, our waistbands stretched to new limits and still wondering what just happened to 2020, I prepare my assault on our community garden. If you’ve been keeping up to date with our progress you’ll know that we began the garden in March 2020 to provide a beautiful […]

Stillgarden Cocktails

Will here to give you your Christmas Cocktail – how to without too much fuss. There’s enough to be worrying about this Christmas! So drinks at home should be the last of them. Beer, wine and bubbly are all wonderful but serving up a well-made cocktail is guaranteed to get you some flattery.   Whatever […]

Distillery Garden Goldenbridge

Tucked quietly away from Tyrconnell road, you will find a bustling little hub called Goldenbridge Estate. Where you not only will you find Stillgarden Distillery but other artisan vendors, artists and arguably the best pizza and craft beer in Dublin. What makes this estate so much more impressive is that all of these businesses either […]

Hey folks, my name is Alan, and I am a new distiller here at Stillgarden Distillery. BTW I f$*king love Juniper!!! I’ve also been tasked with writing something of interest every-so-often for the blog. I’ve decided to go down the route of in depth analysis of the different botanicals that make up the backbone of […]

Sustainable Spentspresso Cocktail

Reduce, reuse, recycle. The familiar adage is one we often try to live by, but what are sustainable cocktails? and what goes into them? I’m Luke, the Brand Ambassador here at Stillgarden and I would like to share with you what sustainability means to us when it comes to booze. In recent years bars and […]

Groans and moans have been heard drifting from the Stillgarden community garden this month. Not from the undead, but from yours truly, as I get the place prepped for winter. We were lucky enough a lot of hedging gifted to us by a member of the Social Botanists group. The hedging, along with the kind […]

The Journey of Stillgarden’s Social Media Intern Hi everyone,  If you’ve ever seen someone outside Stillgarden running around like a weird person trying to capture an “aesthetic” image of a Stillgarden spirit for social media, you’ve probably just spotted me or our brand manager, Aideen. My name is Sandhya Ganesan and I am the person […]