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our attitude

Here at Stillgarden we make modern Irish spirits for the modern spirit drinker. Based in the buzzing area of Dublin 8 we are passionate spirit lovers who are facing forward not backwards.

Enjoying spirits should be more modern, more fun and more vibrant with more flavours and more positive impacts on the planet & people. We call this pro-social disruption (or modern craft)

We make modern Irish spirits using as many fresh, local & sustainably grown botanicals as we can and capture those amazing flavours through some very cool science. 

Our spirits aren’t just focused on high ABV but have a range of alcohol to allow you to match the drink to the mood & occasion.

And we make our spirits in a way that has positive impacts on the planet, communities and people around …always.

You can hear our full story here Centre Cut Podcast Stillgarden

our founders

Viki Baird

viki baird

Viki has been a boss lady for almost three decades! A woman after our own hearts. She has led teams that have yielded inspiring results. Her main priority at Stillgarden Distillery is to ensure you are treated to the finest spirits and libations available and that you are offered the best independent distillery experiences.
Pat O'brien

pat o'brien

Pat is a passionate creator, dedicated to crafting the highest quality spirits possible. His love of distilling runs deep; he’s credited with bringing the first independent whiskey still back to Dublin. He’s an investor in the neighbouring Rascals brewery, too, and didn’t he build the Stillgarden distillery by hand!

our community

D8 Rebate

D8 Rebate

Social Botanist

Social Botanist Project

Pollinator Plan

Pollinator Plan

Rascals HQ

Destination Dublin 8

our awards

2022 & 2024 winner of Unique Leanring Experience by the Travel & Hospitality awards.

2023 Winner of Product of the Year – Irish Quality Food Awards

Irish Whiskey Awards 2023
Café O’Maro Winner of ‘other spirit’
Berrissmo Gold Medal Winner

1st prize in the Business Category for the DCC South Central Area City Neighbourhoods 2020,  2021 & 2022

Irish Enterprise Awards 2021 – Best New Distillery

Silver Irish Food Awards 2022 – Berrissimo Spritz Aperitif