Give & Take

Give & Take


Giving you that great Gin tastes, taking away half the alcohol.

All good relationships depend on a little Give and Take. In this one, we GIVE you all the classic dry juniper and layered botanical flavours of a truly great Gin and TAKE out about half the alcohol. The result is a superb Gin-like taste but with a uniquely lower alcohol (mid -strength) ABV.

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Mid-Strength Botanical Spirit

Give & Take

  • Mid Strength Botanical Spirit
  • Juniper Led
  • Small Batch
  • Local Botanicals
  • 22% ABV


Hints of sweet cicely, fresh menthol and deep-rooted earth; bookended by Chamomile, the distilled nettle still manages to sing loudest.


Immediately bright and lively with the heady array of botanicals vying for dominance, lime, vibrant juniper and spicy ginger are most prominent with a slight bitterness on the end to awaken the taste buds.

Give & Take from stillgarden

Bringing science, community & nature together, Stillgarden is an independent experimental distillery unlike any other.

How do we do it? Other spirits often lose or destroy flavour as they reduce alcohol content. ‘Give & Take’ utilises the science of low temperature vacuum distillation to protect and capture the purest flavours of the botanicals – a taste led by Macedonian Juniper and local nettles, followed by a layered combination of Ginger, Lime, Coriander Seed, Basil & Chamomile.

the perfect serve

The G&T

• 35ml Stillgarden Give & Take
• Top with natural tonic water
Tall glass full of ice, garnish with fresh apple.



The quintessential ingredient of gin, and described by head distiller Alan as "glorious," Juniper is known for its distinct flavour combination of pine and citric character that helps to make gin taste so fresh in comparison to unflavoured spirits, such as vodka. We have a handful of Macedonian Juniper shrubs growing in the garden that we hope will make it into our drinks after their two-to-three-year ripening cycle, but there is also a native Irish juniper that grows in the west of Ireland.






Coriander Seed

Black Pepper

Not just used for culinary purposes, black pepper brings spice to the table. Native to South India, black peppercorns and their woody, fragrant characteristics account for a significant percentage of the world spice market.