Stillgarden Social Gin

Stillgarden Social Gin


Ireland’s first community sourced Gin.

Inspired by science, community and nature Social Gin is a truly unique gin that has been perfected in Dublin 8 at our independent experimental distillery. Working with our Social Botanists – people from both the local and bartending community, botanicals were grown both at home and in our community garden to create our Social Gin.

Along with a traditional pot still, Social Gin utilises vacuum distillation to distil the botanicals at a lower temperature capturing fresh flavours of our socially sourced botanicals. Botanicals include Juniper, Mint, Lavender, Rosehips, Orris, Caraway, Cardamom, Lemon Zest, Rowan Berry, Cubeb, Angelica, Licorice, Black Pepper & Lime Peel.


Stillgarden Social Gin

Ireland’s first community sourced Gin.

Ireland’s first community produced gin. Created with our Social Botanists, mint and lavender was grown at home and then planted in our Community Garden. Above all the final blend was chosen after a Social Botanists focus group tasting.

Founded in May 2019 the award winning Stillgarden creates Modern Irish Spirits for the Modern Spirit drinker. 

Our  Modern Irish Spirits include a range of mid strength aperitifs that are unique and these outsell our gins. We are the only Irish Distillery producing aperitifs. 

Why not join our community?

Our Social Botanists (Socbots) Campaign, invites people in the community to take hydroponic grow kits and grow botanicals at home, when ready they replanted in our onsite community botanical garden. The same group were harvest the ingredients and decide on the final flavour profile of our Social Gin. A truly socially sourced gin. 

The Socbots group meets regularly for gardening,  foraging, wildlife walks and community clean ups. After that the group enjoys a drink at the distillery. 

Irish Spirits tend to be traditional, looking at the past for provenance. Stillgarden looks forward: using modern equipment and groundbreaking technology to create flavours and spirits like no other. We will own Modern Irish Spirits.

Our Story

You can hear our full story here Centre Cut Podcast Stillgarden

Everything we do is with purpose and with our 3 pillars of Science : Community : Nature in mind.


At Stillgarden we love to break the traditional rules of distillation and flavour creation using equipment rarely seen in a distillery. Vacuum distillation,  Apeks supercritical flavour extraction, rapid ageing baths, centrifuge, to name a few. 


We created an onsite urban community garden from an area of wasteland next to the distillery, where we plant botanicals, pollinator friendly plants and wildflowers. We grow as much as we can in our community garden and use the botanicals to make our drinks.


We took are area of wasteland next to the distillery and created a community garden where we grow some of the botanicals used to make our drinks.

Stillgarden Social Botanists (SocBots) are a group of garden budding botanists that we recruited, Stillgarden provides  grow-kits and seeds for the SocBots to grow botanicals at home and when they are ready for ‘Big School’ they will transplant into the garden.

Stillgarden Social Gin was created with the SocBots. Once the botanicals were ready to harvest,  we invited the group down to have the ultimate say in the final flavour profile of the gin, which is full of vacuum distilled flavour led by Juniper, Lavender & Mint. Ireland’s only Socially Sourced Gin. 

We organise regular meetups with the SocBots where they will partake in gardening, foraging, wildlife walks & litter cleanups. These are very popular and SocBots are rewarded with a Stillgarden Drink at the end of the session.

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We like nothing better than creating drinks with other like minded companies such as Valentia Island Vermouth, Westbury Hotel to name a few.

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Social Gin

  • Dublin Dry Gin
  • 41% ABV
  • 70CL
  • Socially Sourced Botanicals
  • Social Botanists Programme


Fresh burst of mint with citrus and floral undertones.


Dry and Floral on the palate with a hint of herbaceous spice on the finish.

Stillgarden Social Gin from stillgarden

Social Gin delivers fresh bursts of mint with a zesty citrus and floral finish.

Along with a traditional pot still, we use cold vacuum distillation to capture the fresh flavours of our socially sourced botanicals.

Inspired by science, community and nature Social Gin is a truly unique gin that has been perfected in Dublin 8 at our independent experimental distillery.

the perfect serve


  • 35ML Stillgarden Social Gin
  • Top with Natural Tonic Water
  • Tall glass full of ice
  • Garnish with orange peel and a fresh mint sprig

Enjoy Responsibly and always Socially



The quintessential ingredient of gin, and described by head distiller Alan as "glorious," Juniper is known for its distinct flavour combination of pine and citric character that helps to make gin taste so fresh in comparison to unflavoured spirits, such as vodka. We have a handful of Macedonian Juniper shrubs growing in the garden that we hope will make it into our drinks after their two-to-three-year ripening cycle, but there is also a native Irish juniper that grows in the west of Ireland.



Rowan Berry




Part of the Carrot Family, with seeds that look like cumin but taste like sweet liquorice. Caraway is a strong grower, self-seeding along much of the garden, and providing a bountiful harvest of the seeds we use in this drink. The root is tasty too.

Lemon Zest




Lime Peel

Black Pepper

Not just used for culinary purposes, black pepper brings spice to the table. Native to South India, black peppercorns and their woody, fragrant characteristics account for a significant percentage of the world spice market.

Social Gin
Stillgarden Social Gin