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The magicians at Stillgarden Distillery Dublin are doing it again. Hot off winning Product of the Year at the Irish Quality Food & Drink awards for their Café O’Maro, they are releasing Ireland’s first herbal Chartreuse-styled Liqueurs.
‘Buí 43’ and ‘Glas 55’ are Stillgarden’s two Irish garden green and yellow herbal liqueurs. These premium liqueurs are created using, where possible, socially sourced botanicals and extracted essences foraged from their community and harvested from the garden.
These sought-after premium liqueurs are often used in cocktails and the international supply of Chartreuse has dwindled significantly as the Carthusian monks are limiting production to protect their monastic lifestyle and devote their time to solitude and prayer.

Viki Baird (Boss Lady & Founder) said; “We are always looking for market opportunities that are in line with our skills and ethos at Stillgarden, and having already developed our low-alcohol Italian Amari range, we saw the market opportunity playing to our strengths again, hence the launch of our first two liqueurs: Buí 43 and Glas 55. Within our R&D, our development team has worked closely with and received fantastic feedback from some of the best mixologists and palates in Ireland to help create our own unique premium Irish Herbal Liqueurs.”

Viki went on to say; “In a way, our team of distillers, botanists, and liquid experts are magicians, not just through their R&D skills, but also by using foraging expertise, vacuum distillation & ultrasonic technology at Stillgarden Distillery, they’re able to get creative in ways that aren’t possible using traditional distillation methods in combination with local and sustainable produce.”

Buí 43 is a yellow herbal liqueur created using socially sourced botanicals including Irish Honey, lemon balm, cloves, anise, and a range of other herbs. Glas 55 although with some of the same herbs, uses a lemon balm, peppermint, and sage base, all harvested from the community garden. Both colours are created from their botanical ingredients.

It will be interesting to see what future products Stillgarden Distillery has coming upstream, but, for now, this recent release is a prime example of them embracing their three Pillars of Science, Nature, and Community.

“We believe that honest and impartial input from our industry is imperative when developing any new products, which makes it hard to keep secret, especially with something so exciting. The plus side is that we are already seeing international interest gaining momentum,” says Gavin O’Reilly (Commercial Director).

Buí 43 & Glas 55 are currently available to pre-order and will be market-available before the back end of October.

For PR inquiries or more information contact: tara@stillgardendistillery.com
Phone: +353 (86) 060 6442