Ambassador in garden

My name is Jordan Duncan and I am the Brand Ambassador for Stillgarden Distillery

Ambassador in garden

I’ve always had a keen interest in the world of science and beyond. I even aspired to study  ‘fundamentals of plasma and vacuum studies’ , a mouthful I know, however I just didn’t make the cut. Instead I studied local Irish history and folklore, although I found this fascination and thought provoking. It didn’t curb that itch I had for everything science related, I knew that I needed to make a change. 

During this transitional stage I tried my hand at a few odd jobs. All missed the mark of where I wanted to be! A little cash strapped, I took up a job working in the hospitality trade. This was not a foreign environment for me, my dad had worked as a bartender from a young age. I had always admired the hard graft.

Starting in the hospitality trade was a little daunting and nerve wrecking. Fortunately a friend Eric had also just started in the trade. This triggered a friendly rivalry between us. We always pushed each other to be better than we were the day before. This development period really allowed me to build skills that I never deemed successfully important before. I had a new perspective, and I focused on creating bonds with people that was more than just a working relationship, but that could last lifetime.

Before long I was introduced to a book called The Drunken Botanist, written by Amy Stewart. Everything changed, I began to understand the chemistry behind the ingredients I was using. Behind the fast paced cocktail culture there was a whole world of science and nature, it was thrilling.





A social project creating a vibrant community botanical garden right in Dublin city.

Hi all of you lovely people, gardeners and gin lovers alike. Neal here with your bi-weekly update of the community garden. I trust you are all doing well and enjoying this spell of (mostly) dry weather- it’s as if the sun doesn’t know what time of the year it is.


Neal in community garden

Mint, chili and spinach has been planted in the garden this week. Spinach won’t be used in the gin making process but to give us all a bit more muscle for the gardening work.

Tuesday saw us hosting a small gathering (under the recommended government guidelines),at our lovely new shiny Distillery. Our social botanists met at staggered times to plant up the fruits of their labours and enjoy a chilled Gin and tonic from our very first batch. The weather was beautiful, a perfect day to christen the garden and chat face to face.

The day was even more special for me as included on the guest list were the amazingly talented Marion and Róisín from Greenedge Dublin. Their knowledge and passion is infectious, and I learned more in our few hours together than you could possibly imagine. You can check out all of their greening projects around Dublin on Instagram @greenedgedublin)

The beds have been plumped up with compost, and the smell of herbs and the sway of the apple trees helped to ensure the backdrop to our meeting was perfect.

Plans are in motion for some new features to the all new super-duper botanical garden, think Mr. Miyagi’s garden in the Karate kid, but with lavender growing instead of bamboo. I fully intend to attempt a crane kick on said bridge, but certainly not after a few gin fizzes.

Speaking of gin, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a bottle of the Distillers Edition Gin. The first release that has been produced by Master  Distillers, Eanna Burke. A lovely gesture and it will be enjoyed this weekend, under hopefully glorious skies. Even more great news is that the Distillers Edition Gin is also available for collection or delivery!!!

Distillers edition gin


In rock based gardening news, my old mate Brian May of Queen had a horrendous accident when he tore his glutes while tending to his herbaceous borders. This is worthy of Spinal tap, but is in fact true, so please do be aware of ‘over-enthusiastic’ gardening. I have spoken to Brian in the past as he shares my love of foxes. He’s a lovely man indeed, and I wish him a speedy recovery.

Until next time,

Stay safe and keep rockin.