Eanna and Distillation

Eanna our head distiller is a gin-ious, one of the youngest and most Innovative in all the land. Fervently dedicated to the science of distillation.

Eanna and Distillation
I’m very often asked why I started distilling, and how I learned to do it. This morning, while gin trickles gently behind me, seems a good time to put it in writing.

There isn’t a particularly storied family history in the food and drink world, aside from my mother and grandmother being great cooks and my grandmother often having a batch of blackcurrant wine on the go, though I was too young to try it at the time.

There isn’t a story of how I labored under a tyrannical Master Distiller until an ironic injury left me in charge and gave me a chance to shine.

Not even a story of how I found a beat-up antique still in a barn and spent a year fixing it up to race in the Indy 500 (metaphors getting a bit laboured now).

Dear reader, the story is more of a non-story. I like food and drink of all types and forms (except bananas, f**k those things). I like building things, especially if those things can then make food or drink. As I was finishing up an Engineering degree, food, drink and building things started taking up more and more of my time.

Eanna Foraging

This was the era when the internet became more established as a way of learning in a collaborative way. Forums can tell you how to do anything now. Want to change a timing belt on your obscure 90’s Japanese estate? There’s a person with a soothing voice to talk you through it. Similarly, if you want to learn about distilling, there’s an army of people sharing recipes, tips, and designs, all trying to move the field of small-scale distilling forward. This is how I learned the theory.

I’ll end this post with a word of warning. You can make a simple still with items 95% of people have in their kitchen and frankly, you may already have accidentally made a still based on how you stack things in your cupboard. This is illegal, so I recommend you search how to make a Stock Pot Still, so you don’t inadvertently break the law.

It’s what any responsible citizen should do.

Eanna Burke