The Social Botanist Project

SCIENCE, COMMUNITY & NATURE. This is the blueprint behind everything we do. We strive to contribute to, and create dialogue with the community through gardening and other exciting projects. As a result, The Social Botanist Project was created to bring together our community of gardeners, botanists, harvesters and foragers. This project inspired our Social Botanist Scheme – local advocates who are growing their very own botanicals at home.

Anyone can be a Social Botanist, whether you are growing herb pots on the window sill or knee deep in topsoil trenches. Join the movement of people who are collectively bringing life to the world.


We distribute seeds, grow kits and hydroponic kits which allows our Social Botanists to cultivate their botanicals from home.


Once the seedlings have matured Social Botanists are invited to plant their home grown botanicals in Stillgarden’s Community Garden to help turn Inchicore green while adding fresh flavours to our socially sourced spirits.


When the Community Garden is flourishing with beautiful and delicious botanicals, Social Botanists are invited back to the distillery to contribute to the final product. Last year, Stillgarden’s Social Gin was born as a result, thanks to the Social Botanist class of 2020.

Sign up to become a Social Botanist and we’ll be in touch! In the meantime, please join our SocBot community on Instagram and Facebook. We can’t wait to have you growing with us.

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