Discover the Academy

In addition to offering an expertly curated collection of Stillgarden Spirits,
we also welcome you to the Stillgarden Distilling Academy and Experience.
You will be introduced to the world of Science meets Nature, by our very own distillery experts.

The experience will include a historical adventure, botanical exploration, special tastings, demonstrations, discovery moments and a delicious food from local caterers.
All ending with you creating your own unique spirits recipe which you can enjoy time and time again.

Come, give it a shot.

Your Experience

While you enjoy delicious food from local purveyors (for that all important soakage), we will bottle and label you bottle of unique spirits to take home, you can even dedicate it to a loved one

The whole experience lasts about 2.5 hours, but your spirit experience doesn’t have to end there, your spirit will have its own unique code which you can re-order any time you want.

Suitable for wheelchair users, we cater for all dietary requirements

Why not pop into Rascals Brewing Company right next door after your session, drop us a line and we can make that booking for you or you can make your reservation yourself by clicking the link – Rascals Reservations

Corporate packages or private event hire contact


We take a trip back in time to explore the local history of Inchicore (revolutionary and rebellious), the humble beginnings of gin and the juniper soaked history of the infamous “Gin Craze” era.


A local community garden and a botanical wall we offer over sixty different botanicals for you to choose from (commonly and uncommonly used) in the spirit making process. Experiment with something randomly obscure botanicals to create your own unique spirit.


Get the opportunity to taste some truly exclusive releases straight from the lab, we are always working on something amazingly different that you can’t get anywhere else.


Whilst your spirit is Distilling, you will be whisked away to the lab for a molecular cocktail demonstration with our Stillgarden Brand Ambassador. However these cocktails will be demystified for you to recreate at home.

We look forward to welcoming you safely to our Distilling Academy.
Read our Stillgarden Distillery Academy Covid 19 Plan