Reduce, reuse, recycle. The familiar adage is one we often try to live by, but what are sustainable cocktails? and what goes into them?

Luke O'MearaI’m Luke, the Brand Ambassador here at Stillgarden and I would like to share with you what sustainability means to us when it comes to booze.

In recent years bars and venues have been increasingly interested in sustainable drinks, which is great news! This way of creating cocktails helps find harmony with our natural resources and reduces waste. It also has the added potential to save money for bars and restaurants, and by its very nature, support local and small businesses too.

What you might consider to be waste, I consider ingredients to make a delicious sustainable cocktail. Meaning fruit peels, cores, pits, brine, pulp or grounds are used to create the libations you find in your glass or nowadays bottled cocktail.

Creating an infusion is one of the most common uses for leftover ingredients. A great example of this is citrus peel. Packed with flavour and oils you can make something truly delicious with a citrus peel by infusing it with sugar or even a spirit.

An example of one of our own conscientious cocktail at the distillery is our spent coffee Espresso Martini (which I’ve affectionately nicknamed the Spent-Spresso).

Sustainable Spentspresso Cocktail


We got in touch with our neighbour Craig, owner of BOOM Coffee, Inchicore. Craig kindly gives us his spent coffee grinds and we used it to create a unique spent coffee spirit. The spent coffee grinds also finds a home in our community garden as fertilizer. Not only are we reducing Craig’s and our own waste, but we also get to support local and help our lovely plants to grow.

Bar 1661

O1661 doing sustainable cocktailsne great example can be found at Dublin based bar, Bar 1661.  They are purveyors of both conscientious drinks and  support the local movement. A great example of this is their cocktail, Fontenoy Street. It’s namesake gives nod to the area of Phibsboro/Broadstone where Joyce once resided, but also to where the bar team gets their urban foraged sweet woodruff. This whiskey based cocktail also boasts locally sourced fresh ingredients from the independent markets of Dublin 7. To top it off, they re-use their oxidised and leftover serving wines to create their own in-house sparkling and aromatized wine.

Closing the loop on drinks isn’t always straightforward or obvious, but once you start you quickly get into the mindset and things really open up. Here’s to conscientious concoctions!